Aerial Photography

  • Real estate photography for showcasing properties from a bird’s eye view
  • Inspection of industrial facilities, such as power plants and oil rigs
  • Surveying land for construction or agriculture
  • Filming and photography for the film and media industry
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Mapping and GIS data collection
  • Wildlife and environmental monitoring
  • Traffic monitoring and analysis
  • Event photography and videography.


  • Basic Drone Operations: covers the fundamentals of flying a drone, including takeoff and landing, navigation, and basic maneuvers
  • Advanced Drone Operations: covers more advanced flying techniques such as flying in windy conditions, maintaining stability, and performing aerial acrobatics
  • Drone Maintenance and Repair: covers how to maintain and repair drones, including how to troubleshoot common issues and replace parts
  • Drone Safety and Compliance: covers the regulations and safety guidelines for operating drones, including how to obtain a pilot certification and fly legally
  • Drone Mapping and Surveying: covers how to use drones to collect data for mapping and surveying projects and how to process that data using GIS software
  • Drone Inspection: covers how to use drones to inspect industrial facilities, power lines, and other infrastructure, with an emphasis on safety and compliance with regulations
  • Drone Photography and videography: covers how to use drones to take photos and videos, including camera settings, stabilization, and post-processing
  • Business of Drone Services: covers how to start and run a drone services business, including how to market services and manage finances.
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